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About Us

The College of Education (CED) prepares students for professional careers in the field of public and private education.

The College of Education's main purpose is to create and nurture a learning and teaching community committed to excellence in education. We fulfill our purpose by:

  • Preparing professionals to be socially responsible leaders;
  • Engaging in research and scholarly activity which informs and improves practice;
  • Valuing diversity as we work to achieve common goals;
  • Serving and collaborating with schools, agencies, the community and each other;
  • Engaging in an inclusive process for planning, communicating, working, and assessing our progress toward our goals.

The College of Education provides undergraduate and graduate studies in education. It offers specific curricula focusing on the preparation of personnel for teaching and educational service in the pre-school, elementary, middle and high schools, community colleges, adult programs, and other educational agencies. In addition to three certificate programs and a variety of teaching and service credentials, the College offers a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, a Master of Arts in Education degree with various options, two Master of Science degrees (special education and counseling), and the Educational Leadership Doctoral degree.

last updated — Jun 13, 2014