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Librarianship Scholarships

There are many organizations sponsoring scholarships for Librarianship students. Beyond those listed on this page, other library groups also sponsor scholarships, which are announced to current students.

California School Library Association

CSLA offers these scholarships:

  • Leadership for Diversity Scholarship, supporting a member from a traditionally underrepresented group complete a teacher librarian credential program (note that a CSULB white male won one year....)

  • Northern and Southern Section Scholarships for completing both teacher librarian credential and library technician educational programs

​All State awards and scholarships will presented at CSLA's Conference, so do start planning now, as most require letters of recommendation and other documentation. Northern and Southern Section set their own deadlines for scholarships.


California Library Association

The California Library Association lists information about their scholarships.

A video promoting the scholarship can be found here: makeclahappen scholarship program!

And the entry form is here:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZX2DPRQ 

These links can be found on the California Libraries Facebook group as well.


Association of Jewish Libraries

AJL website details their scholarship

College of Education Scholarships

The College of Education awards close to 150 scholarships to deserving students each year, including some awards specifically granted to Librarianship students! The CED Scholarships site has detailed information on scholarship eligibility and how to apply for a scholarship. Applications are  due by early February each year.

last updated — Aug 21, 2015