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Prospective Students

Admissions are conducted annually; admitted students begin the program the following Summer or Fall semester. The deadline for admission may be found at Graduate Studies Applications and Deadlines. Application information is revised each year; please be advised that applicants must use the appropriate year's materials when applying. Applicants must pursue the School Counseling Master's Degree and PPS/SC credential concurrently.

Each year we receive many more applications from qualified applicants than we can admit. Each completed application file is evaluated individually by the School Counseling Programs Admissions Committee and assigned point values for GPA, letters of recommendation, and personal statement. (Please note that we do NOT require nor consider GRE scores in evaluating applicants’ files.) The most competitive applicants typically have volunteer or professional experience in education and/or counseling in the K-12 setting. The interview pool typically consists of the applicants scoring in the top 35-40% of the total applicant pool. We typically admit 25 out of the approximately 150-200 applicants. Thus, applicants are encouraged to consider alternative options in addition to applying to our program.

Please note that all interviews are conducted on campus in a small group format during one weekend each year. Interviews will be 3 hours in length and candidates need to be available for either a morning or afternoon interview.  There will be an orientation for those candidates who are offered admission.

Counseling Programs host an open house during the Fall semester. This is an excellent opportunity to meet program faculty and to have your specific questions answered. The open house will occur on the Long Beach campus for the orientation for all counseling programs.  

Typical CSULB School Counseling student...

  • Is passionate about education and/or K-12 students. 
  • Wants to make a positive difference in the lives of K-12 students.
  • Has interpersonal communication skills
  • Is able to collect/use data to inform his/her practice
  • Advocates for the success of all students
  • Has competence in multicultural counseling
  • Has the ability to manage his/her time
  • Collaborates effectively with classmates/colleagues

Typical week for a CSULB School Counseling student...

Mondays:           part time work 

                            4:00-7:00        class

Tuesdays:         4:00-7:00        class

Wednesdays:   part time work

Thursdays:       4:00-7:00     class

                           7:00-10:00  class

Fridays:             part time work






last updated — Sep 3, 2015