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Summer 2011 South Africa Study Abroad Program

From a small mountain called Lion's Head, the city of Cape Town is visible in the foreground with Table Mountain in the distance. A cloud hangs lightly at the top of the mountain, affectionately called a 'table cloth.'
The expanse of Cape Point, which is a peninsula just south of Cape Town.
Up-close shot of a family of four elephants at a game reserve in South Africa.

Education and Social Transformation*

South Africa, July 23 - August 12, 2011

Instructor: Dr. Laura Portnoi, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Social and Cultural Analysis of Education

This program provides students with the opportunity to study education and social transformation in South Africa. We will examine primary and secondary education, higher education, and community education to delve into the the relationship between education and social transformation. Through several pre-departure class sessions, students will become familiar with the social, historical, and political context of education, with a focus on the height of the anti-apartheid movement (late 1980s and early 1990s) to the present. Students will also choose an area of research regarding education in South Africa and complete a research paper prior to departure. While in South Africa, we will visit numerous key historical and community points of interest, as well as schools, universities, community centers, and other educational venues. Many of these visits will feature lectures by local scholars and community members. Students will also have the opportunity to reflect on what they are learning and experiencing through journal writing while abroad.

The first 10 days of the South Africa portion of the class will be spent in Cape Town. The remainder of the course includes an overland trip through the Garden Route, Eastern Cape (former Transkei), KwaZulu Natal, and the Johannesburg/Pretoria area, visiting educational sites along the way. We will also spend two days at a national game reserve, staying overnight within the park (an exciting experience!).

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*EDP 490/590 Special Topics Course (3 units)

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