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CalTPA Task 4: Culminating Teaching Experience (CTE)

Templates for CalTPA Task 4: Culminating Teaching Experience (CTE)

Visit the CTC web site for information on all tasks. Review the site carefully to be sure you find the appropriate Task for your credential program. On this page, you will find templates for all 4 CalTPA Tasks as well as scoring rubrics.

CalTPA Program Enrollment on TaskStream

The CalTPA is aligned with key courses within the Multiple and Single Subject Programs. Candidates must be enrolled in the appropriate course in order to submit each CalTPA Task. The Assessment Office will enroll candidates in the appropriate CalTPA program on TaskStream after each semester census. Candidates must keep an active account on TaskStream to ensure timely enrollment in the CalTPA programs and scoring of submitted work.

CalTPA Workshops for Candidates

Important Notes/Reminders

  • The CalTPA requires anonymous submission and blind scoring. No submissions may have identifying information such as your name or CSULB ID number.
  • You must complete the "Original Work and Consent Form" on TaskStream before you can submit the Task.
  • You must indicate that you have permission from the people who appear in the video of your teaching.
  • You have the option to agree to let your Task and score be used for teaching and research purposes. If you do so, anonymity will be maintained.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted. Candidates who fail to submit their CalTPA Task by the deadline will receive a score of zero (0) and will be directed to enroll in the CalTPA Resubmission Course. NOTE: There will be a fee for this 1-unit course. The fee is currently $175.00 (Fall 2012).
  • For official communication purposes, you must maintain an up-to-date email address on TaskStream. All CalTPA-related information will be shared via this address.
  • Begin early, don't wait until the final days.  Shoot the video well in advance of the submission deadline.

Attachment Checklist

These items are to be attached in TaskStream by the teacher candidate

  • Permission slip(s)
  • A floor plan of your classroom
  • A twenty minute unedited .mp4 format video of teaching the lesson
  • As assessment related to the learning goals of the lesson
  • Sample student responses to the assessment

Scanning Permission Slips and Student Work Samples

The Teacher Resource Center (ED1-33), the CSULB Library (upper campus) and the Horn Center (lower campus) provide free access to scanners.  Candidates will need to bring a flash drive to save scanned documents as pdf.  Once you have saved your permission slips and student work samples as PDFs, you can then upload them to TaskStream.

Step-by-step scanning directions (PDF)

Video Cameras

Technical support will only be provided for the use of MSCP or SSCP issued cameras through the Mac Lab in LA1-200. Candidates must provide their own SD card (1GB or larger), USB plug-in card readers will be available for check out at the video compression workshops.  SD cards are available for purchase at the University Bookstore or other electronic store.

To check out a MSCP or SSCP department camera:

  • MSCP candidates should contact their University Supervisor. 

  • SSCP candidates may call 562-985-1105 or email ced-sscp@csulb.edu to reserve one.

Video Compression Directions (PDF)

NOTE: The College of Education cannot guarantee assistance to candidates who choose to use their own equipment and/or software.


last updated — Aug 1, 2016