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How to Clear Preliminary SB2042 Credentials with a Renewal Code of R14I , R14S or PRO.

What if I have a renewal code of R14I?

Individuals who complete a preliminary teacher preparation program and receive a five-year preliminary teaching credential must earn a clear teaching credential by completing one of the following options. Note that Option 1 and Option 2 require employment as a teacher in California.

Option 1

Complete a Commission-approved Teacher Induction Program through an approved California school district, county office of education, college or university, or consortium. Individuals applying for a clear credential under Option 1 must submit their application through their approved induction program sponsor.

Individuals employed in private schools may participate in an approved induction program but are not supported by state funding.

It is the responsibility of the individual approved induction program to determine the cost, if any, to the teacher for participation. The fee for the induction program should be clearly indicated in the advising documentation and shared with the participating teacher prior to enrolling in the approved induction program.

Option 2

If an approved induction program is verified to be unavailable to a beginning teacher then the individual may complete a Commission-approved clear credential teacher preparation program (previously a fifth year program) offered by a California college or university. The employer of a preliminary credential holder must complete and sign the "Verification of Unavailability of a Commission Approved Induction Program" (Form CL 855) stating that Induction is not available to the individual to allow that person to utilize the Clear Credential program route to earn a clear credential.

Individuals employed in private schools or other teaching positions may be eligible for enrollment in an approved clear credential program. The institution sponsoring the approved clear credential program must submit the recommendation for the clear teaching credential.

CSU, Long Beach does not offer a Clear program. You may search for approved programs on the CTC website. We suggest that you contact those approved programs for information.

Option 3

Teachers who are certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards will be issued a Clear Teaching Credential in the subject area in which they have received national certification. Individuals applying for the clear credential under Option 3 may apply directly to the Commission for a clear teaching credential.

Questions should be directed to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing at www.ctc.ca.gov or by telephone at 1-888-921-2682.

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing has provided a Guide for Individuals holding a Preliminary General Education (Multiple or Single Subject) teaching credential regarding how to earn a Clear Teaching Credential.

What if I am unable to complete any of these options before my Preliminary credential expires?

See information on SB2042 Extensions and Appeals.

What if I have a renewal code of R14S?

You may complete any of the Options above. In addition, you may complete Option 2 without completion of Form CL855.

What if I have a renewal code of PRO?

You may complete any of the Options above. In addition, you may have other renewal requirements and must complete all of the requirements listed on your credential document. Questions should be directed to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

last updated — Jun 3, 2014