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National Community College Hispanic Council Leadership Fellows Program


To address the lack of Hispanic Leaders in American community colleges, the NCCHC is offering the Leadership Fellows Program to develop a pool of highly qualified Hispanics and assist them in attaining high-level positions in community colleges.


Established 25 years ago, NCCHC's mission includes preparation and support of Hispanic leaders in America’s community colleges, to the ultimate benefit of our students. One of NCCHC’s first ventures was to offer a leadership development program, with support from the Ford Foundation. We are proud that more than 20 of the 72 original Fellows are now or have been community college presidents, and many others have moved to positions of increased responsibility as upper-level administrators.

Since the resumption of the program in 2003, one of the 65 new Fellows has been named president, three have been named interim presidents and over 30 others have received promotions. In September 2010, twenty mid-level leaders from Community Colleges across the country graduated from the first ever, NCCHC Mid-Management Leadership Fellows Program. Six of the twenty 2010 Fellows and four of the eighteen 2011 Fellows have received promotions. The Council continues its efforts to develop leaders for the challenges that lie ahead in higher education by offering the 2012 Leadership Fellows Program in collaboration with California State University, Long Beach. The Leadership Fellows Program will begin training another group of fellows in June 2012.

last updated — Jan 30, 2012