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Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP)

The Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP)  combines the study of academic subjects aligned to California standards for the K-8 curriculum with professional preparation courses and field experiences leading to a Multiple Subject Credential. Successful completion of ITEP includes both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. This program can be completed in 4 years.

The minimum requirement for the ITEP program is 135 units which includes Subject Matter, Pedagogy, and Student Teaching.

The ITEP Subject Matter consists of a minimum of 107 units distributed across seven areas:

  1. Language Studies (minimum 22 units);
  2. Mathematics (minimum 12 units);
  3. Natural Sciences (minimum 14 units);
  4. History and Social Sciences (minimum 19 units);
  5. Arts and Humanities (minimum 15 units)
  6. Critical Issues in Teaching and Learning (minimum 16 units);
  7. Introduction to Elementary Education (minimum 7 units).

*All courses in the Subject Matter must be passed with a "C" or better.*

The ITEP pedagogy courses consist of 15 units:

  1. EDEL 442 (3 units)
  2. EDEL 452 (3 units)
  3. EDEL 462 (3 units)
  4. EDEL 472 (3 units)
  5. SCED 475 (3 units)

The ITEP Student teaching consists of 16 units completed over two semesters:

  1. EDEL 482D (8 units)
  2. EDEL 482D (8 units)