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Pandya’s New Book To Explore Videomaking Practices in a Dual Language School

Dr. Jessica Pandya, Professor and Chair of the Department of Liberal Studies, has signed a book contract for a project titled "Everyday Video: Exploring Critical Digital Literacy Practices in a Dual Language School.” It is part of Routledge’s “Expanding Literacies in Education” series.

This book is about the everyday videomaking practices of children in a dual language, under-resourced Southern California public, charter school. Working from an axiological commitment to redistributive social justice, and with desire-centered research methods and pedagogies, Dr. Pandya examines children’s video texts and attendant artifacts from a four-year study.  She uses Bakhtinian and Bourdieusian lenses to explore the ways children interrogate their worlds, the kinds of identities they craft, and the language and literacy learning practices that emerge from digital video production. She focuses particularly on vulnerable populations, including English language learners, immigrants, and children with special needs, aiming to show the affordances of everyday videomaking—part of the regular curriculum, repeated in units across the year and across four years—for enhanced critical digital literacy practices.