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Brandon Gamble

Associate Professor

Dr.  Brandon E. Gamble, CSULB

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ED2 - 192



  • Since 2007, courses where I reciprocate knoweldge with my students are Classroom management, Consultation, Counseling, Orientation to School Psychology, and Supervision of Interns for our School Psychology Program
  • From 1998 till 2007 I provided service to middle and high school students and their families as a school psychologist in Long Beach Unified School District
  • My favorite quote is,"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."-- Jimi Hendrix


B.A. Psychology , Oakwood College, HBCU in Huntsville, AL , 1994
M.S. School Psychology , San Diego State Univeristy , 1998
Ed.D. Educational Psychology , University of Southern California , 2007

Professional Licenses and Credentials

California Credential of Pupil Personnel Services in School Psychology
National Certificate in School Psychology
Neuro Design Engineering and Hypnosis Certificate

Research Interests

My research agenda focuses on African American students and their college readiness, access, retention, as well as postive educational outcomes in K-16

My professional presentation experiencees include but are not limited to Response to Intervention, Special Education Law, Cultural Competence (e.g. cross-cultural consultation, crisis response, data analysis etc.), Solution Focused Counseling, Organizational Change (e.g. from traditional assessment to RtI), African American males and college readiness etc...

Representative Publications


Gamble, B. (2016).  University warfare:  How social media mentoring helped me toward tenure then promotion.  In D. Ford, M.Trotman Scott, R. Goings, T. Wingfield, & M. Henfield (Eds.), R.A.C.E. Mentoring through social meda:  Black and Hispanic scholars share their journey in the academy.  (pp. 223-229).  Information Age, Charlotte, NC.  

Gamble, B. & Lambros, K. (2014).  Provider perspectives on school-based mental health for ubran minority youth:  access and services. Journal of Urban Learning, Teaching, and Research (JULTR).  10, 29-34..

Gamble, B. (2013).  "Larry P" moved down the hall: From Educably Mentally Retarded to Emotionally Disturbed: The over-representation of African American students in special education.  CASP Today.  62 (3), 10-11.

Gamble, B., Ahn, S., & Kim, B., (2012).  Impact of a middle school math academy on learning and attitudes of at-risk students. Journal of Urban Learning, Teaching, and Research (JULTR).  8, 12-25.

Gamble, B. (2009) Speak Out!  LGBTQ school psychologists' experiences in California Schools.  CASP Today59 (2). www.casponline.org

Gamble, B. (2007). Social capital networks of institutional agents and the empowerment of African American youth. (Doctoral dissertation, University of Southern California, August 2007).


Recent Conference Presentations

Gamble, B. (August, 2016).  Black parents perspectives on school psychology and mental health in schools.  Presentation at the Assocation of Black Psychologists' convention, Alexandria, VA. 

Frisby, C., Gamble, B., Henry, B.,  Hiramoto, J., Lopez, R., McCoy, R. (February, 2016).  35 Years After Larry P:  The assessment of African American students in California.  Presentation for the National Assocation of School Psychologists' Convention,  New Orleans, LA.    

Gamble, B. (October, 2014).  Common Core considerations for parents.  Presentation at the Townhall for the California Association of School Psychologists' Convention,  San Diego, CA.

Gamble, B. (July, 2012).  Same Gender Loving Black youth and young adults:  A Black psychologist’s perspective.  Presentation at the Convention of the Association of Black Psychologists,  Los Angeles, CA. 

Gamble, B. (October, 2011).  Data Based Decision Making and Mental Health.  Workshop at the Fall Colloquium for the California Association of School Psychologist. Long Beach & Fresno, CA.

Dunn, A, Gamble, B., Hamlett, G., & McAdams, A. (July, 2011).  Black students healing and thriving in school settings – systemic behavior intervention.   Workshop at the International Association of Black Psychologists, Washington, D.C.

Gamble, B., Huff, B., & McQueen, P. (March, 2010).  Minority Access to Mental Health.  Workshop at the annual conference of the California Association of School Psychologist, Costa Mesa, CA.

Campus Leadership

  • ASEC Department Curriculum and Grade Appeals Committees (2010 - 2013)
  • African/Black Student Union Advisor (2012 to Present)
  • African American Mentoring Program Advisor (2012 to Present)
  • Black Psychology Student Association (BPSA) - advised undergrads and grad students (2010 to Present)
  • Campus Climate Commitee via Cal Faculty Association - (2014-2016)
  • College of Education Assessment Commitee (2014-2016)
  • College of Education Diversity Committee (2007 to Present)
  • College of Education Technology Committee (2007-2009)
  • College of Education Awards Committee (2012-2014)
  • College of Education Curriculum Committee (2015-2016)
  • Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity Inc., faculty on campus advisor (2016-Present)
  • King II King Men's Group (2014-Present)
  • Partners for Success Program - Mentor 1st generation undergraduates (2008 - 2009)
  • School Psychology Student Association (SPSA) - sponsor graduate students (2009 - 2012)
  • Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) - Provided support and mentoring (2008 - 2013)

Leadership in Professional Associations

  • The Greater Long Beach Assocaiton of School Psychologist gave me the opportunity to serve as President from 2009-10.
  • I have served the California Association of School Psychologists' executive board, since the fall of 2008, as the Cultural Linguistic Diversity (CLD) specialist.
  • CASP members elected me to serve as President-Elect from 2011-2012, President from 2012-2013, and Immediate Past President from 2013-2014.
  • The Southern California Assocaition of Black Psychologists allowed me serve as secretary of social media from 2011-2013.
  • Liason for the Association of Black Psychologists to the California Association of School Psychologists 2014 to Present
  • Western Regional Representative for the the Association of Black Psychologists (2016-Present)

Recent Service to the Profession

  • CASP members elected me to serve as President-Elect from 2011-2012, President from 2012-2013, and Immediate Past President from 2013-2014.  In that capacity we focused on sustained growth, re-visited our efforts with school mental health, disproportional placements with African American youth in disciplinary and special education placements, as well as increased the quality of our office staff organization.
  • Liason for the Association of Black Psychologists to the California Association of School Psychologists 2014 to Present
  • Youth and Education sub-committee member on Mental Health for Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity Incorporated as of 2015
  • Western Regional Representative for the the Association of Black Psychologists (2016-Present)

Recent Teaching or Other Professional Experiences in P-16 Settings

Invited Addresses

Gamble, B. (November, 2016).  Black parent perspectives on school psychology and mental heatlh.  San Diego Unified School District, San Diego, CA. 

Dove, T., Gamble, B., McAdams, A., & Reynolds, R. (April, 2014).  Schools working with African American families: An invited workshop for graduate students and community members.  Orange, CA:  Chapman University.  

Gamble, B. (June, 2013).  School psychologists working in teams.  A invited workshop for school psychologists.  Mission Viejo, CA:  Saddleback Unified School District.

Gamble, B. (June, 2013).  African American achievement, access, and wellness: Beyond disproportionality.  An invited address for the American Health & Education Clinics.  Inglewood, CA. 

Gamble, B. (March, 2013).  Minority access to mental health in Los Angeles, County.  An invited address for Azusa Pacific University Faculty & Community members.  Azusa, CA

Gamble, B. (April, 2011).  “What is a man?  You know one when you see one”: A discussion of manhood.  An invited Address for or Dorsey High School Manhood Conference.  Los Angeles, CA. 



Other Professional Accomplishments


  • Nominee for School Psychologists of the Year for the National Association of School Psychologists (California): 2007
  • Outstanding School Psychologist Region 5 California Association of School Psychologists: 2004

Media Appearances

  • Contributor to Los Angeles, CA’s Pacifica Radio Station, www.kpfk.or. 90.7 FM.   The show is "Beautiful Struggle".   Dr. Gamble has been on to discuss, topics such as autism, teen dating violence, and suicide (Spring & Fall, 2011). 
  • Dr. Gamble was a panel member to discuss with Mayor Danny Tabor, Civil Rights Leader Dr. Bob Moses, and other community members, the achievement gap in mathematics for Black students for the City of Inglewood’s cable access show (December 2010). 
  • Long Beach Unified School Districts’ television cable access program “Every Student, Every Day”, Dr. Gamble was on a panel where the topic of school psychologists’ services and parent access was discussed (August 2007) 


Current Projects

  • School psychologists' social capital networks
  • Black parents' perspectives on education and mental health services for youth
  • Black parents of college education men and women
  • Collaboration with Dr. Regelena Melrose regarding trauma reduction interventions in counseling
  • www.drbrandongamble.com