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Jacob Olsen

Assistant Professor - School Counseling Program

Jacob Olsen

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AS 229


Jacob Olsen's CV (pdf)


Ph.D. in Counseling - University of North Carolina Charlotte
M.Ed. in School Counseling - Seattle Pacific University

Research Interests

My research agenda is based on the core belief that every student who enters a K-12 school should receive equitable access to an education that prepares them for academic, personal/social, and career success. In order for this to occur, culturally responsive support systems that address the needs of all students must be in place. Professional school counselors have the unique training, skillset and leadership role within schools to significantly contribute to fulfilling this core belief by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program and multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS). As a professional school counselor, I experienced the impact of identifying barriers to student success and using leadership, advocacy, collaboration, and counseling skills to directly and indirectly help students overcome those barriers. As a researcher, I use my experience in schools and knowledge of research to create collaborative partnerships with local schools and school districts; support school counselors with data-based program design and implementation; and measure program implementation outcomes. In order for every K-12 student to have academic, personal/social, and career success, multiple aspects of students’ educational experience must be addressed. Therefore, my research agenda is diverse yet consistently focused on issues related to equitable access to education and support systems for all students. More specifically, my research agenda is focused on (a) school counselors’ role in and use of MTSS, (b) comprehensive school counseling program implementation, and (c) how school counselors can contribute to creating culturally responsive learning environments for all students.

Representative Publications

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

Anderson, K., Smith, J.D., Olsen, J., Algozzine, B. (2015). Systematic alignment of dual teacher preparation. Rural Special Education Quarterly, 34(1), 30-36.

Olsen, J. A. (2015). Putting guidelines for school climate and student discipline improvement into practice. (EDCI Research Brief, February 2015) Urban Education Collaborative. University of North Carolina at Charlotte: Charlotte, NC.

Eppler, C., Olsen, J., & Hidano, L. (2009). Using stories in elementary school counseling: Brief, narrative techniques. Professional School Counseling, 12, 387-391.

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications:

Olsen, J. (2015). PBIS in the classroom. (PBIS Forum 15 practice brief, December 2015) Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports National Forum. Chicago, IL. http://www.pbis.org/Common/files/Forum15_Presentations/RDQ%204%20Brief%20-%20Classroom.pdf

Olsen, J., & Riebli, A. (2005). Developing better justice in our schools. Counselors for Social Justice CSJ Activist, 5(2).