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Course of Study, Secondary


All students complete 30-33 units of upper division and graduate level courses. Students who complete a master's thesis must enroll in three additional units while completing the culminating experience.

Methods of Social Science Inquiry (6 units)

EDP 400 Introduction to Educational Research (3)

EDCI 533 Action Research Methods: Teachers as Inquirers (3)

Core Courses (12 units)

EDCI 500 Studies in Curriculum and Instruction (3)

EDCI 505 History of Education in the United States (3)

EDCI 530 Cross-Cultural Education:  US and Global Perspectives (3)

EDCI 625 Analysis of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (3)

Concentration (9 units)

Candidates select one area of concentration, in consultation with the program advisor, tailored to their professional goals. Candidates are responsible for taking prerequisite courses if required. The concentration may be in one of the following patterns:

A. Research methods courses in preparation for the thesis (9 units):

EDP 520 Quantitative Research Methods in Education (3 units)

EDP 595 Qualitative Research Methods in Education (3 units)

EDP 596 Program Evaluation in Education (3 units)

B. Coursework in Teaching Methods, if not previously taken for B.S. or B.A. credit (9 units):

                EDSE 435 United States Secondary Schools: Intercultural Education (3 units)

EDSE 436 Curriculum & Instruction, Assessment and Classroom Management (3 units)

                EDSE 457 Reading and Writing in the Secondary School (3 units)

C. Advanced coursework in a self-selected concentration chosen in consultation with the program advisor (9 units).

Exit Requirement – Capstone Experience (3-6 units)

Candidates select one of the following capstone experiences in consultation with the program advisor.  Selection should be made at the time of advancement to candidacy in order to develop a program plan consistent with the selected capstone experience.

A.      Comprehensive Exam and EDCI 695 Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction (3)

B.      Thesis and EDCI 698 Thesis Study in Curriculum and Instruction (6 taken over two semester)

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