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Program Requirements for Ed. D. in Educational Leadership Program

The program is 60 units in length and is designed to be completed in 3 calendar years (including summers).  At least 48 units must be completed in residence at the campus.

Course Descriptions

Professional Seminar Courses:

EDLD 720: Proseminar in Educational Leadership (1)
An introduction to the field of educational leadership, an orientation to doctoral education, academic research and practice-oriented doctoral level skills.  This is the first semester of a six semester sequence.  Letter grade only (A-F).

EDLD 721A: Advanced Proseminar in Educational Leadership (1)
Prerequisites: EDLD 720 or consent of the program director.  Focus on the continued development of the research problem and identification of literature necessary to complete the qualifying examination.  This is the second semester of a six-semester sequence. Letter grade only (A - F).

EDLD 721B: Advanced Proseminar in Educational Leadership (1)
Prerequisites: EDLD 720, 721A or consent of program director.  Focus continued development of requisite research skills necessary to complete the qualifying examination and eventually, the proposal and dissertation.  This is the third semester of a six semester sequence.  Letter grade only (A - F).

EDLD 721C: Advanced Proseminar in Educational Leadership (3)
Prerequisites: EDLD 720, 721A, 721B or consent of program director.  Focus on the development of the qualifying examination paper.  This is the fourth semester of a six semester sequence.  Letter grade only (A - F).

EDLD 721D: Advanced Proseminar in Educational Leadership (1)
Prerequisites: EDLD 720, 721A, 721B, 721C or consent of program director.  Focus on the development of the dissertation literature review.  This is the fifth semester of a six semester sequence.  Letter grade only (A - F)

EDLD 721E: Advanced Proseminar in Educational Leadership (1)
Prerequisites: EDLD 720, 721A, 721B, 721C, 721D or consent of program director.  Focus on the development of dissertation chapter one.  This is the sixth semester of a six semester sequence.  Letter grade only (A - F).


Core Courses:

EDLD 722: History and Systems of U.S. Education (3)
Critical analysis of major schools of US historical thought and their connection to social developments and examination of history as an interpretive, subjective process in which historians engage in dialogue with larger intellectual communities.  Letter grade only (A-F).

EDLD 723: Legal and Ethical Leadership: Implications for Policy and Practice in P-16 Educational Settings (3)
Examinations of legal and ethical issues, implications, and applications.  Exploration of leadership in complex educational environments, multiple perspectives applying legal and ethical principles and policies, technological legal research.  Examination of broad national and state theoretical and practical contexts using an ethical, legal leadership framework.  Letter grade only (A-F).

EDLD 724: U.S. Education and Diversity (3)
Examination of cultural identity in relation to socio-cultural disenfranchisement in educational institutions, multiple forms of cultural hegemony, policy and practices that foster inequality in schooling.  Letter grade only (A-F).

EDLD 725: Organizational Leadership in Educational Settings (3)
Examination of dynamic organizations from a leader's perspective.  Analysis of organizational theory, structure, culture and interrelationships from multiple perspectives as well as the leader's role in managing critical factors that can undermine a high performance organization.  Letter grade only (A-F).

EDLD 726: Policy, Politics, Power in Educational Settings (3)
In-depth analysis of topics relevant to politics and power in educational policy and reform.  Exploration of issues related to governance, structure, programs, leadership, strategic planning and assessment.  Letter grade only (A-F).


Research Courses:

EDLD 730: Educational Research Epistemologies and Methodologies (3)
In-depth exploration of epistemological underpinnings of educational research, qualitative and quantitative studies, and emergent research methodologies pertinent to educational practice and policy.  Letter grade only (A-F).

EDLD 731: Qualitative Research Methods for Educational Leadership (3)
Advanced study of qualitative research traditions and methods for both understanding and application.  Methods and research design elements include ethnographic and focus group interviews, participant and naturalistic observation, case study and document analysis.  Letter grade only (A-F).

EDLD 732: Inferential Data Analysis in Education (3)
Univariate and multivariate statistical analyses: hypothesis testing using analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, multiple regression, path analysis, and introduction to Structural Equation Modeling.  Letter grade only (A-F).

EDLD 733: Program and Student Assessment (1)
Assessment of student learning and development and program assessment.  Focus on design of a holistic program evaluation incorporating assessment and measurement of student outcomes.  Letter grade only (A-F).

EDLD 734: Survey Methods in Educational Research (1)
Focus on application and practical methodological tools in designing survey research in educational settings.  Letter grade only (A-F).

EDLD 735: Applied Field Research (2)
Faculty-led field research.  Focus on the development of the dissertation chapter three and piloting of the dissertation study methods.  Letter grade only (A - F).


Community College/Higher Education Specialization Courses:

EDLD 740: Policy and Finance Issues in Community Colleges (3)
In-depth analysis of the community college system, function and purpose.  Exploration of issues related to governance, structure, program, leadership and strategic planning and assessment.

EDLD 741: Teaching and Learning in Post Secondary Settings (3)
Focus on student development and learning theories based on cognitive, psychosocial, typology, and person-environment perspectives.  Exploration of the role of faculty and others in the collaborative development and implementation of responsive curricula at 2 and 4 year institutions.  Letter grade only (A-F).

EDLD 742: Exploration of Campus Cultures: Impact and Influence (3)
Examination of faculty , administrative, and student cultures in terms of values, behavioral norms impact and influences.  Application of research methods for the study of campus cultures.  Dialogue concerning the implications of these finding for higher education policies and practices.  Letter grade only (A-F)

EDLD 743: Leadership in Higher Education (3)
Analysis of current research and theories on leadership and organizational change in higher education: multicultural organizational development theories, planning, change, and the effective strategies for change.  Exploration of case studies of organizational leadership.  Letter grade only (A-F).


Pre K - 12 Specialization Courses:

EDLD 751: Organizational Culture and Community Engagement in Education (3)
Examination of school organizational culture, leadership and the local community in a global context: organizational strategies and development of teams to promote systemic change, cultural transformation and social justice.  Letter grade only (A-F).

EDLD 752: Financial and Human Resource Development (3)
Examination of the acquisition, distribution, cultivation and management of human, fiscal, and time resources in public education.  Identification and application of skills necessary for harnessing human and financial resources that further the goals of a school and district.  Letter grade only (A-F).

EDLD 754: Leadership in P-12 Education (3)

P-12 leadership paradigms, models, theories, organizational/structural configurations; internal/external local, state, national influences on leadership; change theory/agency; relationship, communication, and professional disposition-building strategies; research/practice integration.

EDLD 755: Curriculum Theory, Instructional Leadership, and Accountability (3)

Advanced research and analysis of the relationship among theory, curriculum, teaching, learning, assessment, and professional development in diverse settings. Role of the instructional leader.


Dissertation Courses:

EDLD 797: Directed Individual Study (3 units)

Individual research or intensive study under the guidance of a faculty member.  Letter grade only (A - F)

EDLD 798: Doctoral Dissertation (3 units)

Student research and writing of the Ed.D. dissertation.  Credit/No Credit


If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact the Educational Leadership Dept. Office at 562.985.4998 or eddinfo@csulb.edu

last updated — May 10, 2013