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Level I Technology

Candidates must meet the Level I Technology requirement by taking one of the following courses or passing an assessment/exam.  Any credential student may take ETEC 444.  However, students are highly encouraged to take the technology course offered in their subject area.

Technology Course

Subject Area(s)

ART 305


ENG 337


ETEC 444

Health, Social Science, LOTE, Music, Any Subject Area

RGR 470

Currently Not Offered. Check Schedule of Classes.

MTED 301


MUS 125T

Music - No longer offered after Fall 2014

KIN 354



Embedded in EDSS Science Courses

Candidates may also demonstrate technology proficiency by one of the following:

  1. Passing the CSET Preliminary Educational Technology exams: Subtest I (test code 133) AND Subtest II (test code 134)
  2. Passing ETEC 411 – a one unit Assessment Course
last updated — Jan 29, 2015