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Summative Assessment

English Single Subject Credential Program
Due: Thursday November 20, 2014 by 1:00 p.m.

All students who demonstrate subject matter competency by majoring in English Education at CSULB or taking courses that result in meeting the requirements for the CSULB waiver program are required to participate in a summative assessment of subject matter competency (SMC). This assessment is required for students completing the English Education degree or CSULB waiver program .

To participate in this assessment, choose four significant assignments from among several courses in your academic program to include in a “Subject Matter Competency Portfolio”. Certain courses (ENGL 310, 320, 363, 370, 375, 380, 410, 436, 482, EDSS 300G or 450) will lend themselves to these assignments. You must earn a grade of C or better for these assignments. All assignments must contain the instructor's grade and any written comments.

Your portfolio must feature:

I. Cover page with name and contact information (e-mail, phone numbers, address)

II. Table of Contents

III. Four labeled assignments that portray your competency in these four areas:

           1. Literary Analysis

           2. Written Argumentation

           3. Grammar Skills

           4. Speech/Oral Performance

IV. Reflection Letter
A self evaluation of your subject matter competency, your reflection letter should highlight your strengths, cite evidence of them, and indicate areas in which you most need to improve in the subject area of English.

SUGGESTIONS: A literary analysis paper from ENGL 363 or 375, an argumentative essay or research paper from ENGL 380 or 410, a grammar quiz or test from ENGL 310 or 320, and the score sheet or rubric from an oral presentation in ENGL 363 or 482 or EDSS 450G or 300G are possible assignments that might appear in your portfolio.

DEADLINE: Submit your portfolio to Christopher Knight  in the English Department office (MHB 419).

EVALUATION: Portfolios are evaluated on a CR/NC basis and available for pick-up in MHB 419 during the last week of classes of the fall or spring semester. Students must pass the portfolio review to be considered Subject Matter Competent; to be eligible to student teach, students must meet this “SMC” requirement.

QUESTIONS? Contact the Single Subject Credential Program office in MHB 419 (562-985-4224)


last updated — Nov 10, 2014