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Science Credential Application Process

Applying to CSULB and to the Credential Program

You've decided to get your credential with us - great! If you are an undergraduate student at CSULB you can take courses towards your credential while earning your bachelors degree. If you already have a bachelor's degree (from CSULB or elsewhere) you will need to apply to the university for admission. Note that admission to CSULB as a graduate student does not constitute admission to the Single Subject Science Education Program. Admission to the program is a separate process.

Applying to CSULB can be done on-line. Due dates and requirements for admissions can be found on the website or by visiting enrollment services. Many students choose to take EDSS 300C via University Extension. Once they decide to apply to the credential program they then apply to the university as well. Please note - if you apply to the university and are accepted you must enroll in at least one course your first semester. Failure to take a class your first semester will result in you being "dropped" from the university and you will need to apply again. Students may file for a "leave" after they have been enrolled at the university for at least one semester. This is appropriate if you are taking a semester off from university classes. It keeps your files active and enables you to return to the campus without having to reapply.

When you apply to the university as a post-bacaluareate student you only need to complete Part A of the application. Your degree objective is "credential", code 100. If applying on-line you may need to fill out Part B but you don't need the letters of recommendation, etc. Part B is application to individual programs and you will do that during EDSS 300C.

Applying for admission to the Credential Program is done during EDSS 300C. One of the course requirements is to complete the application to the program. Students can not apply to the Credential Program without taking the appropriate EDSS 300 course. To be accepted into the Science Credential Program students must have an overall GPA of 2.67 and a GPA of 2.67 in their upper division science classes (in their field). This is a higher standard than Univeristy post-bac admission. Students wanting to apply who do not have this GPA will complete a petition which is considered by both the Science Education Department and the Single Subject Credential Program Petition Committee. Once you've been accepted into the program you will be eligble to take the other professional education courses. You will need to apply to the university at that time if you have not already done so.

last updated — Nov 10, 2016