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Subject Matter Competency


Subject Matter Competency

In addition to the sequence of education courses, students wishing to become secondary teachers in Social Science must prove subject matter competence via state-administered test OR subject matter waiver program.  The SSCSSP encourages students to pursue the subject matter waiver program and to seek advising to see how best to count past coursework toward the waiver and to enroll in future courses that count toward the waiver.  Students pursuing the subject matter waiver have until the beginning of student teaching to complete required SMP coursework.

The courses for the subject matter program are listed below (and in PDF form at the end of this page).  The advisor can give you additional information regarding the courses that may be counted in the upper-division breadth section.  Students must receive a C or better in all courses. In EDSS 300 and HIST 401, students must receive a B.

Please note that in spring 2012 the CSU changed its policy regarding subject matter waivers.  We may now only grant subject matter waivers to students who are enrolled in CSULB's credential program.  Students with undergraduate degrees from other universities who enroll in CSULB's credential may apply their undergraduate coursework to the subject matter.  Students from CSULB will find that much of their undergraduate coursework in social sciences such as history, political science, economics, and geography aligns to the subject matter.



CORE REQUIREMENTS (39 Semester Units):

History  (18 units)



HIST 211 (World to 1500)


HIST 172 (Early U.S. History)


HIST 212 (World Since 1500)


HIST 173 (Recent U.S. History)


HIST 396 (Contemp., World) 


HIST 473 (California History)

Geography  (6 units)

Political Science  (6 units)


GEOG 100 (World Regional Geography)


POSC 100 (Intro to American Government)


GEOG 306 (U.S. and Canada)


POSC 218 (Global Politics)

Economics  (3 units)

History/Social Science Education  (3 units)


ECON 300 (Foundations of Econ.)


EDSS 300S (Intro to History/Soc. Sci. Teaching)

Capstone(4 units)



History 401 (History/Social Science for Teachers)






(Upper Division  History/Social Science Coursework in U.S. Studies)




(Upper Division  History/Social Science Coursework in Global Studies)




SELECT ONE: HIST 469 (Ethnic Urban U.S.) OR HIST 485 A/B (Women in U.S. History) OR HIST 486 (African-American History) OR HIST 370 (Chicano History) OR HIST 490 (American Jewish History) OR History 338 (European Women) OR History 394 (Middle Eastern Women) OR History 406A/B (Asian Women) OR History 309 (Men & Masculinity)


The program has created the following worksheets to guide students through the waiver program.  Questions may be directed to the advisor via email or during office hours; to receive the best possible advisement, visitors are reminded to bring their transcripts.

  • Subject matter sequence.  This worksheet outlines the required coursework for the subject matter waiver. 
  • Worksheet for CSULB undergraduate history majors.  This worksheet outlines how students may “double count” courses in the CSULB history major and the subject matter waiver.
  • Worksheet for CSULB undergraduate minors in history.  This worksheet, for non-history undergraduates at CSULB, offers a pathway to add a minor in history that will also fulfill several subject matter courses.
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