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Single Subject Credential Program Fieldwork

All EDSS and EDSE program courses require 10-45 hours of fieldwork.  Candidates are encouraged to consider their schedules and have sufficient time during the day to complete the required field hours in a public school classroom of their subject area.  Fieldwork must be completed in a school district with which the College of Education currently has an affiliation agreement.  Candidates are also encouraged to complete a minimum of one field work placement or student teaching in a STAR or SCHOLAR school.  For a list of STAR/SCHOLAR schools, visit this website: http://www.cbee.org/programs/

Candidates taking EDSS/EDSE courses through Open University are not matriculated students and must observe hours as a volunteer at the school/district.

The list attached below shows all school districts with current affiliation agreements.  Please note districts that are expiring or pending.

last updated — Jan 20, 2015