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MSCP ITEP Spanish Bilingual


The BILA option in the CSULB Multiple Subject and Single Subject Credential Programs allow students to obtain the additional Bilingual Authorization (BILA) to teach in Dual Language classrooms.  This pathway is for candidates that wish to teach in classrooms where the language of emphasis is appropriate for instruction and in situations where teachers use the target language for explanation, preview-review, and interaction with families.

In addition to the requirements for the Multiple Subject Credential, students must complete the following to receive the Spanish Bilingual Authorization:

Program Requirements

·      Meet with the BILA Advisor, Dr. Olga Rubio

·      Admission to the Multiple Subject Credential Program (MSCP)

·      Pass an informal Language Proficiency Exam with Dr. Olga Rubio

·      Pass the CSET LOTE Subtest III-Language and Communication (must pass prior to applying to student teach)

·      Take the appropriate following Culture course 

o   CHLS 340: Spanish

·      Take the following Language Methods course

o   EDEL 453S: Spanish

·      UTEACH and ITEP Candidates interested in a BILA-must take required courses prior to taking MSCP Methods and Student Teaching.

·      Student Teaching Requirement:

o   8 of 16 Units of Student Teaching done in a Bilingual Setting


For more information contact

Dr. Olga Rubio

Coordinator of Bilingual Authorization in Spanish

Office: College of Education ED2-194

Email: olga.rubio@csulb.edu

Spring 2014 Office Hours: 
Tuesdays/Thursdays 3-4:30pm
or by Appointment

last updated — Oct 30, 2014