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California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA)

What is the CalTPA?

The California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA) is a state-mandated, program-embedded assessment for Multiple and Single Subject Credential Program candidates who were admitted to their program on or after July 1, 2008. These candidates are considered "High Stakes" and are required to complete all four CalTPA Tasks to be recommended for the credential.

CSU Long Beach uses the state-developed California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA) in its Multiple and Single Subject programs. This assessment of teaching performance is designed to measure the candidate's knowledge, skills and abilities in relation to California's Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs), including demonstrating his/her ability to appropriately instruct all K-12 students in the state Academic Content Standards. TaskStream software is used to administer the assessment. Candidates must subscribe to TaskStream to gain access to the system.

The CalTPA requires a candidate to complete four Tasks: Subject-Specific Pedagogy (SSP), Designing Instruction (DI), Assessing Learning (AL), and Culminating Teaching Experience (CTE). When taken as a whole, the Teaching Performance Assessment tasks/activities measure the Teaching Performance Expectations. Candidate performances are scored by trained assessors against one or more rubrics that describe levels of performance relative to each task/activity. The CalTPA meets standards of assessment reliability, validity, and fairness to candidates. All candidates who start a Commission-approved multiple or single subject teacher preparation program as of July 1, 2008 must meet the teaching performance assessment requirement. 
A detailed description of the CalTPA is available at: http://www.ctc.ca.gov/educator-prep/TPA.html

When Do Candidates Complete the CalTPA?

The four Tasks of the CalTPA are completed by CSULB candidates when they take the following courses. 


Multiple Subject Program

Single Subject Program

Task 1: 

Subject-Specific Pedagogy (SSP)

EDEL 472

EDSS 450

Task 2: 

Designing Instruction (DI)

EDEL 442

EDSE 436

Task 3: 

Assessing Learning (AL)

Student Teaching

Student Teaching

Task 4: 

Culminating Teaching Experience (CTE)

Student Teaching

Student Teaching


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