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Completing your SERVE experience

Completing your SERVE Experience

All students are to submit and upload both their SERVE hours log and final evaluation in order to close out their SERVE experience. Students will recieve an incomplete 

How to upload your SERVE hours log and Final Evaluation

1.     Once you have completed your SERVE hours and completed your Final Evaluation. Please log-in to the app.calstates4.com online system. SERVE students will need to upload BOTH documents in order to close out your SERVE experience.  You will notice a “pending task” red box. Please click the link “SERVE Completed hours and Final evaluation – upload” to complete the form.

2.     Students will then upload your Final Evaluation and Hours and complete the form to successfully close out your SERVE experience. Please make sure to click upload when uploading your files. Please click submit when finished.

3.     Congratulations you have successfully completed your SERVE experience! Please make sure to keep copies of your SERVE final evaluation and hours. You may need it in the future! 

last updated — Oct 19, 2017