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Dr. Jyotsna Pattnaik Provides Lecture for Chinese Delegation Visiting CSULB

A 17-member delegation from the He'nan Family Planning Commission, Yima City, China, visited the College of Education, CSULB, on Wednesday, October 10. The delegation was hosted by the US-China Business Training Center in Los Angeles. Currently in China there is a shift from just family planning to providing quality early childhood education. The delegates were interested in learning about child development inearly years and early childhood education programs in the United States.

Professor Jyotsna Pattnaik, the coordinator of the Master’s in Early Childhood Education program in the Dept. of Teacher Education delivered a lecture to the delegates on the theoretical underpinnings of development of the whole child including the following domains: social, physical, cognitive, linguistic which all contribute to an imaginative and creative child. She also outlined the current types of programs and the importance of professional credentials for early childhoodeducation. A special part of the lecture was having Dr. Pattnaik’s students share examples of their work with children in ways that addressed the domains of child development.

The delegates were received by Marquita Grenot-Scheyer, Dean of the College of Education; Shireen Pavri, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research; Paul Boyd-Batstone, Chair of the Dept. of Teacher Education; and students in the MA in Early Childhood Education program. The group was accompanied with a professional translator. Additionally, two faculty members in the Dept. of Teacher Education, professor Shelley Xu and professor Shuhua An, and two Chinese students from the MA in Early Childhood Education program also served as translators during the event.

The delegates visited the preschool program in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, and were received by Peter Kreysa, Interim chair of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences and the director and teachers in the preschool program. They observed the physical arrangement of the classrooms and the out-door play ground. The focus of their questions was about the curriculum, teaching materials, and assessment practices of the program.

During the luncheon (in the Pacific room), Dr. Pattnaik and Dr. Boyd-Batstone considered possibilities for future collaborations. Dr. Pattnaik shared a few possibilities for future collaborations such as: (a) offering a short-term certificate program for early childhood educators in China through CCPE; (b) designing a study abroad course to China in which students from the MA in Early Childhood Education program will work with Chinese preschool teachers in their classrooms; (c) offering workshops to Chinese preschool teachers by faculty members from the MA in Early Childhood Education program. The delegates shared their interest in these collaborations.