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Transforming Teaching and Learning Through Technology

A Professional Development Model for Science and Math Teachers

Transforming Teaching and Learning through Technology (T2L2T) is a professional development model that focuses on supporting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) teachers to use technology to support pedagogical innovation. The model incorporates a 3-unit course taught in a hybrid format with online and face-to-face components.  Dr. Stephen Adams developed the program through a grant from Google.  He taught for the first time in Spring, 2013. Tuition is covered by grant support.

During the T2L2T program, teachers learn to identify technologies that align with their fields of interest, develop and refine ways of using these technologies in their teaching, and then begin integrating the new technologies into their classrooms.  The program emphasizes the use of free software and Open Educational Resources. It utilizes a set of videos from innovative thinkers in the field, as well as extensive resources including science and math resources from the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) platform.  It also strongly encourages collaboration and utilizes social networking tools for peer collaboration and networking. Importantly, the program serves not as an endpoint for instruction but as a catalyst for change—change that includes ongoing teacher professional development practices and peer support.

The overall program is part of a longer-term vision to develop sustainable online professional learning communities throughout California that will encourage teachers to become innovative leaders in the use of technology in STEM instruction. A pilot study is now underway to refine the approach and assist in plans to expand the T2L2T project.  The innovative technology applications learned through the program will afford possibilities for transformative pedagogical practices, and provide teachers with the specialized skills, knowledge, and the support they need to bring their innovative ideas into the classroom.

The model for this project has roots in earlier work by Dr. Adams for which he received an award of “Outstanding Paper” from the major international organization concerned with technology and teacher preparation, the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education.  For more information, contact Dr. Adams at  Stephen.Adams@csulb.edu.


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