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Department of Liberal Studies


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Appointment Procedures and Guidelines »

Teacher Preparation Advising Office

Room EED-67
Phone: 562-985-1105

Walk-In Advising Hours

Get quick questions answered by an available advisor; specific advisor requests cannot be accomodated.

WEEK OF: July 25 - July 29

July 25 (Mon) 10:00AM - 12:00PM

July 26 (Tue)  10:00AM - 12:00PM

July 27 (Wed) 10:00AM - 12:00PM

July 28 (Thu) No Walk-ins. Appointments Only.

July 29 (Fri) No Walk-ins. Appointments Only.

*L/ST advisors assist new students each afternoon during SOAR.  Please schedule an appointment or contact the Teacher Preparation Advising Center if these time frames do not fit your needs.

*Hours are subject to change. It is suggested that you check the website for latest updates or call to verify hours before arrival.

Admission Under Impaction

IMPORTANT: Admission to the Liberal Studies major is impacted -- for more details, refer to Impaction Criteria.

Liberal Studies Major

The Liberal Studies major provides a rich, rigorous, cross-disciplinary liberal arts program of study.

Application/Admissions Process »

University Catalog Listing for Liberal Studies

Those interested in applying to, or declaring their major as Liberal Studies are encouraged to visit an advisor for walk-in advising.

Two program options are available:

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, Track 1

120 Units

Liberal Studies Track I is our traditional teacher education program where students complete their Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies. After completion of their B.A, they may continue their education as a post-bac student and complete a teaching credential at CSULB or at another university.

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, ITEP

135 Units

The Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) combines the study of academic subject matter for elementary school teaching with professional preparation and student teaching. Successful completion of ITEP includes both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. This program follows standards established by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

New for Fall 2016 

Starting Fall 2016, student will be admitted into the Liberal Studies major under the TRACK I option automatically, and may choose to change their program option into ITEP, if desired.

In order to declare into the ITEP program option, the student must submit an ITEP Multiple Subject Credential Program application. Once a program application has been received and is processed, the student's program option will be changed to ITEP and the student will be required to complete that declared program option. 

Once a student reaches Senior standing or 90 units, the student must select and agree to complete the program option (ITEP or TRACK I) they wish to follow. A student is not allowed to change their program option after 90 completed units. 

***Continuing students, admitted prior to Fall 2016, may not change their program option (ITEP or TRACK I) after 90 completed units.  The program option must be finalized by Senior standing or 90 units.  A student will not be allowed to change their program option. Continuing students who have already reached the 90 unit mark will be given Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 to finalize their program options.  All continuing students will be required to attend a Mandatory Credential Advising workshop in Fall 2016 to go over all of these options and changes.  More information on these Mandatory Credential Advising sessions will be posted here later this summer.

These changes are in accordance with the Timely Graduation Policy at Cal State University, Long Beach. 

Dept. Permission Required for L/ST Capstone Courses

In order to successfully enroll in L/ST 400, L/ST 404, or L/ST 471, students must follow the proper procedure to obtain permission for registration from the Department. For permission to register for SCED 401 (Science Capstone), please refer to the Science Education Department

For students who are currently completing or have completed the pre-requiste courses, please fill out the 'Department Consent' form and submit it accordingly prior to registration.

Department Consent Form

For students who are requesting to take a pre-requisite course with a capstone concurrently, please fill out a 'Petition for Concurrent Enrollment' form and submit it accordingly prior to registration.

Concurrent Enrollment Petition


last updated — Jul 25, 2016