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All CED Faculty & Staff

Name Title(s) Office Phone
Edwin Achola
Assistant Professor
Stephen Adams
Coordinator, Educational Technology & Media Leadership
LA1-203D 562-985-5498
Shuhua An
Coordinator of the Graduate Program for Mathematics Education
ED2-260 562-985-1143
Dora Apodaca
Credential Analyst
ED1 - 42 562-985-4109
Tina Arora
Assistant Professor
ED2-257 562-985-2497
Victoria Bisorca
Health Science Coordinator
HHS2-119 562-985-8083
Beverly Booker
Assistant Professor
AS-229 562-985-7936
Paul Boyd-Batstone
Professor/ Chair of the Department of Teacher Education
ED1-12 562-985-1012
Nancy Brown
Program Coordinator/Advisor
ED1-59 562-985-1105
Maria Bucio
Credential Analyst
ED1-42 562-985-4109
Charline Carabes
Department Coordinator
AS-201 562-985-4987
Hellen Carcamo
Coordinator Department of Science Education
Teresa Chen
Associate Professor
LA1-203C 562-985-1132
Jennifer Coots
ED1-25 562-985-8354
Shametrice Davis
Assistant Professor
Faculty in Residence
AS-227 562-985-4306
Catherine DuCharme
ED2-180 562-985-7151
Dennis Esmeralda
Support Specialist for Clinical Partnerships and Practice
ED1-17 562-985-5876
Matt Evans
Information Systems Specialist
LA1-212 562-985-1112
Lesley Farmer
ED1 - 11 562-985-4509
Laura Forrest
Associate Professor
AS - 226 562-985-1124
Brenda Gallegos
Office Coordinator
ED1-54 562-985-2506
Brandon Gamble
Assistant Professor
ED2 - 192 562-985-2527
Lizbeth Garcia
Administrative Assistant
ED1-13 562-985-4507
Aleah Garnica
Program Coordinator/Advisor
ED1-57 562-985-1105
Laurie Gatlin
Coordinator - Art Education Single Subject Credential Program
FA2 201 562-985-4385
Bita Ghafoori
Director of Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center
AS-222 562-985-7864
Felipe Golez
ED1-13 562-985-4507
Marquita Grenot-Scheyer
ED1-6 562-985-4513
Cynthia Grutzik
Associate Dean
ED1-48 562-985-7973
Kristi Hagans
Coordinator, School Psychology Program
ED2-190 562-985-4435
Deborah Hamm
ED2-271 562-985-5525
Kristina Hancock
Executive Assistant
ED1-5 562-985-2330
Nat Hansuvadha
Associate Professor
ED1-26 562-985-4490
Don Haviland
Associate Professor
Assessment Coordinator
AS 221 562-985-7157
Carrie Hernandez
Administrative Services Manager
AS-133D 562-985-1615
Patricia Hidalgo
AS-133 562-985-4228
Adriane Howze ED1-067 562-985-5326
Betina Hsieh
Assistant Professor
ED2-183 562-985-1986
Lisa Isbell
MSCP Coordinator
ED1-63 562-985-1105
William Jeynes
ED2-267 562-985-5619
Kathleen Keirn
Coordinator & Advisor
Tim Keirn
Full-Time Lecturer
Social Science Single Subject Coordinator - Single Subject Credential Program
FO2-117 562-985-4428
Simon Kim
ED2-187 562-985-4525
Marilyn Korostoff
Professor, Educational Administration
Faculty Consultant, Curriculum and Assessment, Office of the Chancellor
ED1-35 562-985-5705
Cynthia Leathers
Program Coordinator
Susan Leonard-Giesen
Lecturer, Coordinator: Special Education, Level I, Level II, Preliminary, Masters and Intern Programs
ED2-268 562-985-1123
Nancy Levyssohn
Assistant Coordinator
ED1-7 562-985-8476
Keeley Lewis
Assessment Analyst
ED1-55 562-985-2553
Trini Lewis
Coordinator of Dual Language Development Master of Arts in Education Degree Program
Associate Professor
ED2 - 256 562-985-2078
Xin Li
ED1 - 34 562-985-1131
Ping Liu
ED2 - 262 562-985-1149
Sandra Llamas
MSCP Admissions Coordinator
ED1 - 69 562-985-1109
Angela Locks
Associate Professor
Faculty in Residence, CSU Long Beach Housing & Residential Life
AS-216 562-985-2443
Eileen Luhr
Social Science Single Subject Advisor - Single Subject Credential Program
Associate Professor, History
FO2-122 562-985-4511
Karie Macdonald
Lead Advisor/Program Coordinator
ED1-58 562-985-1105
Khaoi Mady
Instructional Technology Integration Specialist
LA1-209 562-985-4685
Lisa Martin-Hansen
Chair - Science Education (CNSM)
Corinne Martinez
Associate Professor
ED2-186 562-985-1138
Evelyn Martinez
Administrative Assistant
Hiromi Masunaga
ED2-181 562-985-5613
Liliana Medrano
Administrative Support Assistant
Deborah Mitchell
Director of Music Education
Single Subject Credential Advisor, Music
UMC 209 562-985-4780
Estela Montiel
Department Coordinator
ED1-9 562-985-8187
John Murray
AS - 217 562-985-2458
Karen Nakai
AS-218 562-985-4110
Huong Tran Nguyen
Associate Professor
ED2 - 269 562-985-5237
Melody Nielsen
Admin. Analyst Specialist
AS-133E 562-985-4596
Jonathan O'Brien
Assistant Professor
AS-214 562-985-8593
Dan O'Connor
ED1-19 562-985-4228
Jessica Olague
ED1-64 562-985-1765
Anna Ortiz AS - 215 562-985-1126
Jyotsna Pattnaik
coordinator, Master's Degree in Education: Option in Early Childhood Education
ED1 - 37 562-985-1156
Shireen Pavri
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research
Professor of Special Education
ED1-6 562-985-5646
Lindsay Pérez Huber
Assistant Professor
ED2-258 562-985-2508
Ruth Piker
Associate Professor
ED2-261 562-985-1141
Laura Portnoi
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Social and Cultural Analysis of Education
ED1-20 562-985-7047
Kristin Powers ED2 - 152 562-985-1121
Betsy Pulido
Admin Support Coordinator
AS-133C 562-985-8055
Carol Ramirez
Placement Coordinator/Advisor - MSCP Student Teaching Office
ED1 - 62 562-985-4508
Paul Ratanasiripong AS-213
Lauren Redburn
Leslie Reese
ED1-23 562-985-1152
Ali (Alex) Rezaei
Educational Technology
ED2-259 562-985-4532
Cara Richards-Tutor
Associate Professor
ED2-266 562-985-1938
Shelby Riley
Department Coordinator
ED1-13 562-985-7613
Erica Robinson
Administrative Support Coordinator
ED1 - 10 562-985-7947
Mary Anne Rose
ED1-7 562-985-4547
Olga Rubio
Coordinator for Bilingual Authorization Programs-Spanish
ED2-194 562-985-5450
Tricia Salomone
Administrative Support Coordinator
ED1-5 562-985-4513
William Saltzman
Faculty, Marriage and Family Therapy Program
AS - 228 562-985-5615
James Scott AS-207 562-985-8650
Angelo Segalla
Math Credential Advisor
Cameron Shibata
Administrative Assistant
SMMC 562-491-7977 x21
Fay Shin
ED2-272 562-985-1144
Dale Short
Admin Analyst/Specialist
AS-133F 562-985-1113
Charles Slater
AS - 204 562-985-5701
Hilda Sramek
ED1 - 17 562-985-5499
Jared Stallones
University Single Subject Credential Program Coordinator
Professor of Education
ED 1-61 562-985-5642
Lindsay Sterk
Student Services Professional
ED1-7 562-985-5238
Kristin Stout
ED2-189 562-985-7807
Linda Symcox
AS 203 562-985-1147
Jennifer Tang
Assistant Director
ED1-65 562-985-7622
Linda Tiggs-Taylor
Executive Director Education Partnerships S.T.E.M.
ED2-184 562-985-4105
Joanne Tortorici Luna
Faculty, Emergency Services Administration M.S. Degree Program - College of Health & Human Services
ED 2-179 562-985-4455
Kit Van Wyk
ED1-42 562-985-4109
William Vega
AS - 224 562-985-2447
Meredith West
Credential Analyst
ED1-42 562-985-4109
Jackie Wetteland
Development Coordinator
ED 1-52 562-985-2069
Emyr Williams Ph.D.
Physical Education Single Subject Coordinator - Single Subject Credential Program
Professor - College of Health & Human Services
HHS2 -207 562-985-7344
Tim Williamson
Science Coordinator - Single Subject Credential Program
HSCI-218 562-985-5949
Stanley Wong
Kimberly Word
Associate Director
AS-205 562-985-4998
Shelley Xu
Coordinator of Master's Reading and Language Arts Program
ED2 - 185 562-985-1150
Jessica Zacher Pandya
Associate Professor
Associate Professor
ED1-9A 562-985-8999