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Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

The LOTE teaching credential enables you to teach elementary, middle school, and high school world language classes in California public schools. The credential has two major parts - subject matter (the language other than English of your choice) and pedagogy (teacher preparation courses). In order to demonstrate subject matter competency you must either complete a Commission-approved program or pass the appropriate CSET examinations.

At CSULB, there are five Commission-approved subject-matter programs in Languages Other Than English: French, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish. Nevertheless, candidates who wish to become credentialed in a language other than these five subjects may also demonstrate subject matter competence by passing the CSET Exams in Arabic, Japanese, ASL and Mandarin and qualify for the credential program.

The professional preparation program will help you learn how to teach in a pluralistic society. In these courses you will learn about teaching methodology, curriculum design, assessment and evaluation of student progress, and classroom management. You will also learn about today's schools and how you can most effectively impact the diversity of students you will find there.  

Besides completing the subject matter requirements and the professional preparation program, all credential candidates must complete a Bachelor's Degree, pass the California Basic Skills Test (CBEST), and meet the US Constitution requirement.

All candidates should visit the LOTE Credential Coordinator and Subject Matter Advisor at the earliest possible date to create a program plan.


Cynthia Leathers

Single Subject Credential Advisor/Coordinator

LOTE - Languages Other Than English
LOTE Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/LOTE-AT-the-BEACH-453407241489753/


Please contact me to set up an appointment.


Tuesday & Wednesday 12:00-3:00


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last updated — Oct 5, 2016